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New User's ABC

    Hello, I am  ECTrade Wizard. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any problem with us.

    First things first, if you are a new friend paying your first visit to ECTrade, it is advisable to read this file.

    First of all, you should take your first look at ECTrade's World Trade Markets. Here you can browse through biz news, trade information, product news from manufacturers and trade companies across the world, And what is more, you can explore the great wealth of 500 daily updates of trade leads from across the world.

    ECTrade's World Trade Markets consists of three sections: Trade Leads, Global Companies and Exhibit categories. On the ECTrade's homepage, you can go through the categories of Trade Leads. If you wish to visit the Global Companies or leaf through categories, you can click related word links.

    How do I use these resources? ECTrade adopts the most popular way to browse information. Take Exhibit categories for instance. Select the industry you prefer by clicking the particular word link and ECTrade opens that page exclusive to that industry. Here you can find more accurate sub-categories. Choose one and click. You can see the product catalogue to your satisfaction. You can use this same trick to visit Trade Leads and Global Companies. You might as well try your hand right now.

    We provide another good tool: ECTrade's powerful search engine, which can help you accurately get to the trade resources to your satisfaction. All you need to do is just type relative key word(s) into the search box. Go to the tips on advanced search if you want to hunt down your target more efficiently.

    After you have tapped the resources at ECTrade, you can try out Biz Channels. The Biz Channels provide various kinds of biz information in which you might take an interest: Biz news about china and Market Watch. EC-life is another place you may want not to miss. You can comment on live issues. What is even better is, you may make some friends there.

    If quite experienced in cyber business, you may fancy My Biz Office provided here at ECTrade, presumably the biggest attraction to our biz visitors.

    My Biz Office is built on a threefold foundation:

1 "My Biz Resources":You can directly access the business resources in your trade line and made to your order. Now you don't have to click from page to page and spend a long time waiting for results to show up.

2 "My Biz Assistant":Here you can make use of many tools to improve the efficiency of your work and reduce trade costs. With a powerful assistant, you can be sure that your chance to clinch good deals is greatly enhanced.

3 "Office Management":Tools provided by Office Management are designed to help you manage your daily biz activities and data. If you can take advantage of all or part of resources inside Office Management, your online trade might soon get so hot that you can get very busy.

    If you have any problem, make haste to email me. I am ECTrade Wizard and I am almost omnipotent.